Elliot A. Spoon Business Law Writing Competition

The Elliot A. Spoon Business Law Writing Competition is an annual writing competition sponsored by the Journal.

The Competition is named in honor of Elliot A. Spoon, dean of the Career Services office, our faculty advisor, a law school professor, and long-time advocate of the Journal.

A call for submissions is sent to various law schools and organizations in the latter part of the fall semester.

The Competition is designed to encourage business law scholarship by upper-level law students nationwide. The winner will receive an honorarium contingent on receipt of a signed publication contract for inclusion within our annual spring issue.


Kevin Bender – Giving the Average Investor the Keys to the Kingdom: How the Federal Securities Laws Facilitate Wealth Inequality

Cassandra B. Roeder – Reforming Consumer-Insurer Dispute Resolution in the Auto Insurance Industry


Julia Zukina – A Step Short of Change: Examining the Recent Regulation of Credit Rating Agencies and Its Shortcomings in a Global Market


Marina Petrova – Capital Formation for Internet Companies: Why Facebook Stayed Private for So Long and What That Means for Investors


Alexander Charap – Minimizing Risks, Maximizing Flexibility: A New Approach to Credit Default Swap Regulation


Michael B. Lopez – Resurrecting the Public Good: Amending the Validity Exception in the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods for the 21st Century


Mohsen Manesh – Indeterminacy and Self-Enforcement: A Defense of Delaware’s Approach to Director Independence in Derivative Litigation

 Spoon Writing Competition Flyer.pdf