Who We Are

The Journal

The Journal of Business & Securities Law (JBSL) is a prominent law journal produced by Michigan State University College of Law students. The Journal provides insight into legal issues surrounding the business community through legal analysis and other types of publications such as articles, personal narratives, and commentary.

In furthering this purpose, the Journal accepts submissions written by active members of the legal community, faculty of established law schools, and other members of the legal profession.

Additionally, the Journal accepts student contributions including selected submissions from its Editorial Board and general members. The Journal accepts a wide scope of topics on legal business issues such as corporate litigation, commercial transactions, employment, e-commerce, securities regulation, and any other topic focusing on the intersection of law and business.
Our Membership

Many of the best and brightest in the law college are members of the Journal.

Our members are students that became eligible for membership upon the completion of 29 credit hours, entering his or her third or fourth semester. Students must also have successfully completed the intensive Research, Writing and Advocacy (RWA) I and II classes. Membership to the Journal is awarded based on the student meeting our established grade-on or write-on criteria.

Our Editorial Board is headed by our Editor-in-Chief, who is responsible for overseeing all Journal activities. In addition, the Editorial Board also consists of an Executive Editor, a Managing Editor of Articles, and two Managing Editors of Publication.

To learn how to become a Journal member, please contact us!