Corporations Want To Be On Your Ballot

By: Batool Saad, Journal Staff Member

Citizens United gave corporations the status of a ‘person’ and the right to financially contribute as much as possible to a political campaign. Hobby Lobby gave corporations the right to religious freedom. So what possibly could come next for corporations? The right to holding public office, of course. Corporations have been given the status of a person, and now they seek the status of a citizen so that they may also be able to campaign and hold office.

The changing of a corporation’s status to an actual citizen can bring about some obvious controversies. For instance, some groups take corporations running for public office could literally change the democratic system of America and turn it into a system of Oligarchy.[1] This would mean that the wealthy would be able to have a strong hand in changing laws or policies that will impact the people of the United States. However, other groups reject this assumption, because corporations have been part of American history.[2] Corporations have provided numerous jobs for the people, have offered people benefits to enhance their daily lives, and have accumulated the wealth of the nation “to further patriotic interests . . . .”[3] The controversy over a corporation running for office has started to provoke liberal organizations to emphasize their dislike of Citizens United and declaring the decision as a mistake.[4]

Regardless of which side someone would fall on this argument, a corporation running for office does not seem feasible. Although corporations may have a definite place in American history, corporations need to consider the position of shareholders, officers, and employees before considering the position of the people of the United States. Could this be changed and possibly lead to corporations being the best option to show America’s military strength or America’s family value? Probably, but are we ready to take that big step?

For more insight on corporations running for office look out for Joel M. Graczyk’s article titled “Could a Corporation Serve in Congress? Corporations as Citizens Under the Constitution” that is coming out in the Michigan State University College of Law Journal of Business and Securities Law. 

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